SVS Dowgate Wealth UK Small Cap Growth Fund

Why choose this fund?

Dowgate Wealth is an employee-owned company founded in 2020 by ex Hargreave Hale (subsequently Canaccord) colleagues. Together we represent over 450 years of investment experience specialising in UK and European smaller and medium sized companies.

We believe great smaller companies can generate exceptional returns over the long term if done correctly and they have a large number of attributes that can generate more Alpha and better risk adjusted returns. Firstly, there’s a high proportion of owner-managed companies which tends to yield better corporate flexibility and better longer term capital allocation. It’s also mathematically clear that they can grow quicker; elephants don’t gallop. Lastly, the market becomes less efficient with fewer analysts covering each stock and fewer investors interested; due to the nuances of the index tracking and benchmarking industry the larger companies are the more investors are able to invest in them – our job is to find them first and deliver great returns.

Fund Facts

  • Fund Launched on 14th March 2022 @ 100p
  • Available to invest in SIPP and ISA wrappers
  • Current Available Platforms: Directly through Dowgate Wealth, All Funds, Aegon / CoFunds, Hargreaves Lansdown, Interactive Investor, AJ Bell (If your platform is not listed, please submit your enquiry to
  • Founders share class – 0.80% AMC. Reduced minimum to £1,000 until further notice

How to invest

The SVS Dowgate Wealth UK Small Cap Growth Fund is available on the following platforms:

Directly through Dowgate Wealth

Hargreaves Lansdown

Interactive Investor

AJ Bell


Aegon / CoFunds

Investment Philosophy and Process

The Fund’s core investment philosophy is based on bottom-up investing, looking at individual companies and agnostic to index benchmarks. This means that we are unconstrained and can find great investment opportunities that are very often overlooked and under researched. Our investment process focuses on finding and investing in attractively valued, high quality companies that are seeing accelerating business fundamentals that have durable competitive advantages in their fields. We look to invest in great management teams who have meaningful ‘skin in the game’ and behave in a long term manner. We regularly meet management teams, remotely, face to face and through site visits seeking to understand their business model, their culture and how they can deliver profitable and sustainable future growth.

About the Fund Manager

  • Mark Chadwick
  • Hargreave Hale (1994- 2020)
  • 28 years industry experience
  • Assisted Giles Hargreave on the Marlborough Special Situations and UK Microcap Funds from launch until 2014
  • Responsible for over £250mn of Discretionary mandates at the time of leaving Canaccord in 2020
  • Responsible for over £190mn at present day with Dowgate Wealth


A fund is an investment that pools together the money from many individual investors. Fund managers then invest this money in a wide range of shares according to the objective of the fund. Each investor is issued units, which represent a portion of the holdings of the fund. These units can be bought or sold on a daily basis.

Funds are a popular choice with investors because they offer access to a ready-made investment portfolio that is managed by a sector specialist. You get instant access to a diversified portfolio for a much lower cost than purchasing the individual investments yourself and an improved liquidity profile with daily dealing.

Please find our monthly fund factsheets & monthly commentary here and Key Investor Information Documents (KIIDs) below:

KIID – SVS Dowgate Wealth UK Small Cap Growth Fund F Class

KIID – SVS Dowgate Wealth UK Small Cap Growth Fund R Class

Please find our Prospectus here and Annual Report & Accounts here (coming soon).

Our funds are available by opening an account directly with us, through your Financial Advisor if they manage your investment portfolio or through retail platforms such as Hargreaves Lansdown, Interactive Investor and AJ Bell. If your platform is not listed, please submit your enquiry to

These share classes represent different units of the same fund. The Founders share class has a lower annual management charge compared to the Retail share class. The minimum investment of £100,000 for the Founders share class has been reduced to £1,000 until further notice.