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Combine our Bespoke Portfolio Management with offshore solutions to effectively support your investment needs. 

With our experience and comprehensive expertise for Investment Management we can also provide investment services for those seeking custody offshore. We work with you to mitigate the struggles you might find with the various tax, practical and regulatory challenges of being a worldwide citizen.

Bespoke By Nature

  • Culture of thoughtful design of portfolios which meet our clients’ expectations
  • Consistently managing risk according to clients’ objectives and time horizons

  • Exposure via equities or funds to the strongest areas of the global economy

  • Diversification via the best funds into alternative asset classes such as Insurance and Venture Capital

Clients with offshore mandates will receive the same high standard personalised service as those with accounts onshore. We apply the same investment processes for your bespoke portfolio construction to meet your needs, objectives and risk requirements and we have the flexibility to accommodate ethical preferences and exclude certain asset classes or funds. 

We can work alongside tax advisers and solicitors to find the right solution for you. With a multi-currency offering we can also offer a solution for portfolio lending, using your portfolio as collateral to receive credit for other opportunities.

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Some overseas jurisdictions have a reputation for shady dealing, but the vast majority of overseas opportunities are totally reputable

We can work alongside trustees, accountants and solicitors in order to create the desired outcome

There will be additional costs from the third party we use to facilitate the set up but they are completely transparent and will be provided upfront before any paperwork is signed

Investors will overseas assets are likely to receive increased scrutiny from HMRC so full disclosure will always be required

There is no fundamental reason why overseas investments should be any riskier than domestic assets. Sensible investment criteria are universal so just use a reputable agent to ensure they are adhered to

Many smaller countries offer tax incentives to attract inward investment, but all income must be declared to HMRC

Aim Rule 26

Onward Opportunities Limited is listed on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) on the London Stock Exchange and seeks to comply with the principles of good corporate governance as stated in the AIC Corporate Governance Code to the extent that is appropriate and practical for an AIM quoted company of its size and nature.

More Services

Our portfolio management services also meet the needs of overseas investors and we can work alongside your lawyers and accountants to ensure the investment portfolio maximises any local tax advantages.


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