Jeremy Harris-st John

Investment Manager

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Quality always wins in the end

Jeremy is one of our Investment Managers and joined Dowgate Wealth in October 2020. Born in Aldershot, the son of an Army officer, Jeremy is a true City veteran, becoming a private client fund manager in 1979. Jeremy became a member of the London Stock exchange in 1984 and subsequently a CISI member. Immediately prior to joining Dowgate Wealth, Jeremy had worked for Hargreave Hale / Canaccord for a decade. Throughout his career, Jeremy’s focus has been to identify quality UK growth companies with the potential for significant capital appreciation over the medium to long-term.

In over four decades in the City, Jeremy has built a wide network of connections with the best stockbroking firms as well as company directors who have “done it before”. This helps Jeremy to unearth tomorrow’s winners, but as well as making money for his clients, he prides himself on providing a highly personal service to them.

Jeremy’s sporting prowess is largely behind him, having retired from most sports, however in his spare time you can still find him running the village cricket club. He remembers with pride winning four London Stock Exchange London to Brighton walking races. It total, Jeremy took part in a total of 19 races over the years. A bit like his stock selection, it demonstrates, as he says, that “quality always wins in the end”.

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